« (…) for which he has an imprecise goal, which he struggles to assign to himself.

What remains certain is that, here, he practices a high eavesdropping bias. He dresses with combustible materials and consequently perspires.

As a justice goer, he unfolds different strategies according to the country in which he finds himself. He adapts manners and positions, being in France a character of loyalty and in the United States a character of loyalism. Level of corruption varies accordingly.

Here he stands on the sill, on a threshold that is connected to the inner space, adjoining the window. From there he can lip read conversations. On a judicial level, although the posture he assumes prevent him from being insured, he stands into an in-between thin interval, shelter for loopholes. Under common law, such a position over the building would have faced condemnation; spies know what tear them away, and how to fallback.

Standing still as a beacon with precarious appearance that provides doubt over his effective offensive ability, he witnesses forerunners signals and watches out for leaks he promises to keep for himself.

And now, then, eventually, he starts sweating his guilt, (…) »